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Xmusic & Craftine

Big music shop opened up at the red cow. They match the prices of the thomann online store on their site and in store. Online site coming soon. I was involved in designing the logo during the summer.

I was also involved in designing the logo for the new Irish guitars, Craftine.

Xmusic site

Craftine site


Halloween Social Poster

The Student Union asked me to make the poster for the Halloween social this year. Here its. Like to hear what you think.

Visual Language Week 5

Today in visual language we learned the basics of photoshop. We played with filters and image adjustments.

Visual Language Week 4: The Botanic Gardens

This week we didn’t have a lab or lecture instead we went on a field trip to the botanic gardens. It was our first assignment. We had 5 exercises to do in the space of an hour.

Exercise 1:Contour Drawing

Exercise 2: Blind Contour Drawing

Exercise 3: Negative Space

Exercise 4: Texture Thumbnail Sketches

Exercise 5: Pattern

Visual Language Week 3

In the lecture this week we looked at Newton and the colour spectrum, the colour wheel, colour componants, colour schemes, colour and perception, and colour psychology.

In the Lab we created 4 colour schemes, Monochromatic, Analogous, Complimentary, Split-Complimentary (Triad). We did with paints in the canteen. Every colour I made was black ūüė¶ lol

My 4 colour schemes.

Visual Language Week 2

Today in the lecture we learned what visual media is, how  and the grammar of visual language, point line and shape. In the lab we brought in an item to draw. We did contour drawing, implied lines, blind contour drawing, Negative space and tone


My object. Contour and implied lines. Tone and shading.

negative space

Bling contour

Exercises in the lab.