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Visual Language Week 9

In todays Lecture we looked at the Gestalt principles of perception

  • Similarity
  • Continuation
  • Closure
  • Proximity
  • Figure & Ground
  • In the lab we had a photoshop tutorial. We made a good and an evil Louis Walsh.




    Christmas Social Poster

    SU asked me design the poster for the crimbo social.


    Visual Language Week 8

    Today our lab and lecture in Visual Language was cancelled and instead we created Willow Sculpture’s with Artist and Horticulturalist, Breda Marron. Me and Jack’s was the best. Emma and Kelly Ann made the head. Stephen helped a bit too but it’s me and Jacks work of art. 😀

    dsc00159 dsc00158

    Visual Language Week 7


    In the Lecture we looked at the golden mean and the rule of thirds. We also looked at design principles

    • space
    • balance
    • movement
    • proportion
    • contrast
    • emphasis
    • unity
    • simplicity

    In the lab we took the photo’s for our photo-story assignment in teams.

    My team:

    • Robert McCann
    • Mark Power
    • Nicholas Kilduff.

    Scratch and Sniff

    Visual Language Week 6

    To facilitate the support of the ITB annual Graduation Ceremony our class on Friday the 7th of November was cancelled.