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My First Portfolio

My images for first portfolio in my Digital Photography Module

these photo’s and more of my photogrpahy can be found here…


My 1st


Decided to get this blog thing going mainly because I’m so bored and have feck all else to do. lol.  But yeah my second first semester in college couldn’t have gone any better. Exams went well. Digital Media is the greatest course ever, (owe how much I hated computing) class is amazing. Meet some great people in ’08, Jess’s TAP course, college and during the summer. Caoimhe, Jo, Lorna, Laura, Tully, Alison, Jack, Jayme, Tom, Nicky, Ste, Kelly-Ann, Emma and many more. Love you all. Looking forward to next semester so much, it’s gonna be great. 😀

Started an ole twitter account there. Seems to be all the rage. Only main stream social network thingy I’m not on. Bebo is still ruling out for me, which you can link to your twitter. Amazing. Here’s my profile anyways,

Spent most of today on wikipedia looking up past American Presidents and playing poker. Obama is a legend just hope he lives up to all his promises.

Watching the 2nd leg of Burnley v Tottenham @ the mo. Come on Burnley. 4-1 down going into it. 4-4 on agg in extra time now. What a come back. Wish Liverpool could play with that commitment and determination. Terrible form lately. Can see the Premiership title falling away. Better get there act together.

In all in anyways thats it for now,

might go have a cupán tae and some batch toast ,

Go n’éirí an t-ádh leat,