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ITB Cook Book Cover

Here’s my entry for the ITB cook book cover.



Creative kids do the City Centre

Hello world just back from town. My feets are killing me, too much walking today. Out on our first Field trip with the Working in Digital Media class. First off meet a few classmates for some breakfast in the Kylemore Café before heading to the ambassador for BODIES The Exhibition.

They have actual human specimens on display showing every part of the human body. Was an amazing learning experience.  How often does someone who is not in the medical profession get a chance to experience such an extraordinary unveiling of the human body? I’d recommend everyone to see it at least once. It wasn’t at all disturbing. The faint hearted would be totally fine, although the fetus part was a bit off putting but still extremely interesting to see.

Next it was up the road to the Hugh Lane Gallery. I was never the biggest fan of art galleries but Francis Bacon’s studio and Exhibition was really interesting. The way the rebuilt his entire London studio was amazing. The reconstructed studio features the original door, walls, floors, ceiling and shelves. The studio was donated to the Huge Lane Gallery in 1998 by John Edwards Bacon’s sole heir. Bacon lived and worked there for nearly 40 years.

I wasn’t really into the Sean Scully Gallery. Not my thing. Did find a great design book in the Gallery shop but didn’t have the money on me to buy it. Have to pick it up soon.

Before Heading to our last place we headed to McDonald’s for some euro saver goodness (what I’m a student, cheap things excite me) 4 euro for cheeseburger, twisty fries and a milkshake. Can’t go wrong. 😀

The last stop was the Science Gallery in Trinity College to see the Light Exhibition, Lightwave: Defy The Darkness. Check out this video here. Had to be one of my favourite exhibit’s of the day. We got a guide tour around. Didn’t even know the Science Gallery was there. Defiantly will be going back there.


Anyways till next time,

Go n’éirí an t-ádh leat,