My Designs

Business Cards

Got my business cards printed not so long ago. Was delighted with how they turned out.


ITB Surf Society

The new logo I designed for the surf society in ITB

Recent Work

Designed alot of stuff for Muzzle Music lately. This is the sign outside the studio.


ITB Cook Book Cover

Here’s my entry for the ITB cook book cover.


Christmas Social Poster

SU asked me design the poster for the crimbo social.


Xmusic & Craftine

Big music shop opened up at the red cow. They match the prices of the thomann online store on their site and in store. Online site coming soon. I was involved in designing the logo during the summer.

I was also involved in designing the logo for the new Irish guitars, Craftine.

Xmusic site

Craftine site

Halloween Social Poster

The Student Union asked me to make the poster for the Halloween social this year. Here its. Like to hear what you think.